Behavior Design Boot Camp

About once a month I run a Behavior Design Boot Camp in Healdsburg, California. I limit enrollment so we can all sit around one big table at our venue overlooking the river.

At this 2-day training event, I teach things you can't find online or in books. It's my newest, best stuff.

How to join me?

Use the link below to apply for my upcoming Boot Camps.

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How Boot Camp works . . .

For two days we work together, and you become a master of Behavior Design. Sharing and teaching like this is really fun. It’s my favorite format -- two days, small group, hands on. At each Boot Camp I become friends with fascinating people. I’m always sad to see the events end.

My camps are not about academic theory. Quite the opposite. In these events I teach practical skills you can use immediately at work. I will also prepare you to use these insights and methods immediately back at work. For me, that’s the measure of success: How well can my boot campers put Behavior Design into action.

My Boot Camp will change how you see the world and how you work. Everything about behavior change will be clearer, and you’ll be much more confident in designing products and services

What people say about my boot camps
"I wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity. Truly unforgettable."

"I'm seeing applications of your boot camp all around me at work."

"You are an exceptional teacher with knowledge that entrepreneurs and change leaders need."

"Your bootcamp covered a lot of material, but I never felt overwhelmed. In fact, I felt energized."

"I did a quick consult today using your boot camp principles. Fun. Effective. Fresh."

“You were f****ing fantastic. Massive hit”

“. . . amazing event. Very inspiring.”

“Since the boot camp, I’ve applied your methods all over the place!”

"You are one of the special people I've met this year. Look forward to working together more."

“Brilliant, thanks BJ!”