How I can help you . . .
I engage with people outside of Stanford in five ways.

#1 - I can teach your group in a keynote, or in a less formal setting
Call me crazy, but I really like public speaking. My goal is to give the BEST keynote the audience has ever heard. No exceptions. When the setting is less formal, I interact with the audience during my talk.


#2 - I can teach a workshop about behavior for your company
I welcome the opportunity to come to your site and give a half-day workshop or a full-day masterclass. The experience I create leads to many good results. Your entire team learns the same approach to behavior change and innovation with persuasive technology. This makes project teams more effective.

#3 - I can train you in my Boot Camp in Behavior Design
This is my favorite format for working with people outside of Stanford. For two days, 10 of us work together. As part of the small group, you learn and practice my groundbreaking methods in Behavior Design. More about my Boot Camps is online.

Until further notice, I’m not offering the options below. I can’t add any new projects.

#4 - I coach your team’s innovation project
As a teacher at Stanford, my #1 goal is to help my students succeed on their projects. When I engage with an industry team, my goal is the same. As a project coach, I make sure the team succeeds. Along the way, I teach skills that makes my clients less dependent on my help. For me, that’s the mark of quality coaching.

#5 - I lead an innovation project for you
I can lead an innovation project for your organization, involving people from your team or drawing on my talent network. This is often a good choice for companies that want to do new things in new ways. Why? Because an outside leader like me can break the mold, without fear of getting fired. I also bring the best innovation methods to the table. For example, I focus on behavior goals, rapid iterations, and results we can measure. As the project moves forward, I like to empower your team to lead, so I eventually become a coach on the project.