Talk with me -- here’s how

I’m happy to talk with people via phone or Skype. However, for these short calls I don’t like to set up appointments via email. Instead, please use the scheduler on the right side of this page. (Click the orange button.)

I hope you can find a 15-minute period that works for you. As you sign up, please tell me briefly what you want to talk about. thx --BJ

What people say about my short phone calls

BJ's thoughts were quite important in shedding light on what I needed for my project. His kindness and good humor were a bonus!

In 15 minutes BJ gave me numerous actionable insights, plus a very clear way forward.

BJ is a great listener, and in 15 minutes helped me rethink a program development strategy for a budding educational nonprofit that I run.

I can't believe how much can get done in such a short window. 

It was a privilege to have the full attention of an expert for 15 uninterrupted minutes.

BJ is able to quickly get up to speed on the topic and provide valuable and actionable feedback. His insight is the perfect injection of fresh ideas into our team's ongoing brainstorm.

Great practical advice about how to bring my idea to fruition. 

Just brilliant.

BJ was just the right combination of friendly and directive. He made sure we got the best out of his time. He gave great insight and onward links in a really effective way.     

Hard to imagine that one could get so much out of a short telephone conversation.

BJ is one of a kind and has great energy. You can perceive that he's smiling while you're talking to him.

I greatly appreciated BJ's honesty and input.

I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with BJ. It was very informational, insightful and productive. 

BJ's insight was fresh and just what I needed to help get us back on track to positioning our product with our target market.

Providing these open office hours is incredibly generous.

BJ listened well - in just a few sentences, he was able to deduce the advice that could help me in my next steps.

BJ was able to narrow down some succinct applications of his model to my startup concept fairly quickly on the call. He gave me a great referral to other academics working in the space and some wonderful product direction validations.

It was an honour to have the opportunity to speak to Mr Fogg. I asked the question, 'why does knowledge not equal behaviour?' and within minutes all my dots were joined up. Brilliant.

Generous, super-approachable.

Some mentors give you a pep talk or an academic lesson in start-ups. BJ was actually very helpful in guiing my start-up to the next level, and now I have a renewed sense of confidence. Yup - in only a 10 minute conversation.

BJ has good energy and cuts to the chase.

I always felt like I was understood and even though the call was only fifteen minutes, I never felt rushed because he also managed to be concise. I got my questions answered with time to spare!

BJ was accessible and direct. We appreciated his candor.

He knows his 'stuff' and he's willing to share that freely - what a great attitude of abundance!

I felt I was provided with enough time to share details of my situation and received targeted, useful tips in a very efficient 15 minutes.

The call was quick but very encouraging and useful!

Though it was a quick 15 minute conversation, BJ understood my ideas very quickly and was able to point me to great resources.

Insightful and energetic.

Mr Fogg is a very great guy. I had some tough questions and he was able to give me some real good nuggets that pointed me in the right direction.

Warm, thoughtful, and very helpful.

I am grateful for his help and am looking forward to applying his thoughts to my work. I am so appreciative of his willingness to talk, and offer concrete suggestions for next steps. 

During the short call I got a clear action step and a model of effectiveness and caring interaction from him.

BJ's suggestions will be very valuable for the future of my project and my doctorate. Thanks again!

BJ is extremely warm and insightful. Great conversation! Very appreciated!

BJ followed through as expected and provided valuable and candid feedback on a software concept. I believe BJ's comments indeed demonstrated further validation that the concept is warrants next steps. 

Tremendously grateful to Dr. Fogg in being very generous with his time in advising me regarding my doctoral studies. My research aims are fundamentally changed due to his insight and advice. 

BJ was warm, helpful, and gave me a lot to think about.

The direction (graciously suggested) and encouragement (absolutely infectious) offered in mere minutes has changed me.

BJ continues to impress with his generosity and availability. I'm deeply grateful.

The 15-minute conversation whizzed by - it was insightful, motivating and fun!

BJ takes time for friendliness and connection - Gets to the point of the call - Provides the answers I needed..

BJ really quickly helped me crystalize and reframe my idea and pointed me to some next steps